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I once was lost and now I'm found

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am going to tell you a fairy tale. Like most fairy tales, it has a happy ending, but unlike most fairy tales, it is a true story.
Once Upon a time there was a tired old woman. Long before the beginning of our story the old woman's heart had become encapsulated in ice and she lived, from day to day, just to care for her children, the ones she had given birth to and the ones that were entrusted to her for their education. Luckily for the tired old woman, she had hundreds of children so her heart, while totally surrounded by ice, had not turned totally to stone.
One day, she met a young woman, who told her a secret, that right there in the tired old woman's home there was a magic box, which is a portal to other worlds. Every evening, after her chores were done, the tired old woman would peer into the magic box and there she would read the words of countless other people. Before she had discovered the magic box the tired old woman had also spent countless hours reading the words of others, but the difference was that through the magic of the box, she could actually talk back to the people and they would answer! I did tell you it was a magic box, no?
Well, anyway, the tired old woman would spend hours upon hours discussing thoughts and even sometimes feelings (a thing the women did not even remember she had) with the young woman who had given her the gift of the portal and the other people who she could access through it. Slowly, so slowly that she did not even realize it, the tired old woman became a little less tired, and something miraculous happened, she became slowly younger. Remember, this is a fairy tale and in fairy tales anything can happen.
Still, the tired old woman, who was now a little less tired and a little less old, never went out of the house other than to care for her children, the ones she had given birth to and the ones that were entrusted to her for their education. This had never bothered her before because a magic spell had been placed on her and for decades she had not even considered that there could be a different way, but the magic box broke the spell and she was no longer satisfied.
Like any self respecting fairy tale, ours has to have a monster. At that time there was an ogre living in the woman's home and the woman was very scared of making this ogre angry. It is unfortunate that the woman had not realized sooner that the ogre was in reality just an angry man who appeared to have power because of the spell cast over the world by the powerful evil called the patriarchy. The ogre did not possess any actual power to enslave her that was not given to him by the woman herself. After decades the woman banished the ogre from her home.
Finally, the woman could sleep in her own room in her own bed and not together with the children and perhaps more wondrous to the woman was that she could leave the house without thinking about whether or not the outing would bring the wrath of the ogre down upon her.
The woman was a lot less tired and quite a bit younger by this time, but her heart was still mostly surrounded by ice. When a heart is frozen for so long, it takes an intense heat to thaw it.
I bet by now you are all asking the question, where is the prince? Well, maybe not this crowd. In any case, there was no prince, but there was a warrior princess, while not as common in fairy tales, is much hotter, especially if she is a bit butch…hmmm…yeah. Oh sorry, I digress.
Well, this warrior princess had magical powers, not only did she slowly melt the ice that surrounded the heart of the woman; she awakened the woman's body, which had forgotten it could be aroused. When the woman's heart was all thawed out and her body all afire with desire something truly amazing happened, the tiredish oldish old woman was gone, and in her place there was a young woman, full of life and full of love.