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מי אני
Just to get that out of the way: yeah, I'm married. It's an open marriage and everything here is fully consensual (I was even told by the missus that if anyone wants proof, the missus'll be more than happy to provide it).

I realize that there's a certain stigma (or general disapproval) when it comes to married people on this website, but since this place is full of weirdos and perverts anyway, I reckoned... Well, glass houses, throwing rocks, etc. etc.

I'm a kindhearted, gentle geek who is nevertheless a little rough around the edges, with a fiery soul and a penchant for the unusual. I grew up among very unusual people, so it's kind of an old habit.

I know a lot of things that most people would probably consider boring or useless. I'm almost incapable of experiencing boredom when it comes to pure knowledge (although I'm very quickly bored by idiots or self-important people. These bore me very fast), which is why my sleeping habits are rubbish. I love history, science, languages and, to a lesser extent, prose and philosophy. I extend my hand in friendship to anyone who wishes to get to know me without it necessarily leading to anything physical or sexual.

I do enjoy the physical and the sexual (and how!), but I'm sapiosexual by definition, which is why I will never sleep (or invest a lot of time in, really) with anyone I find intellectually boring, and why I find ignorance, narrowmindness and, well, stupidity, to be utter and complete turnoffs, and this applies to people who are generally perceived as absolutely gorgeous/on the right end of the physical attractiveness bell curve. This applies to both emotional and "analytical" intelligence. Hot robots do not impress me. For more than a moment, that is. 

Oh, and I like puns. You get bonus points if you're a pungeon master. These are a turn on (after I'm done groaning).

That'll be all folks.
אנשים שלא יודעים מה ההבדל בין ציני לסרקסטי/אירוני (סרקזם הרבה פעמים מתלווה לאירוניה, אבל זה לא חובה).

ציניוּת: "כולם חארות ולכל דבר יש מניע אנוכי". סרקסטיוּת: "אמרתי עכשיו משהו והתכוונתי למשהו אחר, לעתים קרובות ההיפך, במטרה להעביר ביקורת או להצחיק או שניהם". רק ישראלים עושים את הטעות המטומטמת הזאת ודי כבר. 
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