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בריטי שגר בארץ הרבה שנים. מדבר וקורא בעברית מצוין אך אני כותב באנגלית  

British Dominant living in Israel for many
years. Mother tongue English. Also speak Hebrew

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I am the King of my castle. A man who values quality over quantity - I write, I compose, I invent, I create, I design, I innovate, I inspire, I motivate, I intuit. In contrast to some Dominants, I find the female orgasm fascinating, sometimes mesmerising, and often even energising. To deny them is counterintuitive. I possess a deep passion for words and a curious but keen interest in intelligent, kinky, attractive and deviant women. Not interested in cheap thrills.
Killing me Softly
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5 במרץ 2021
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9 בפברואר 2021
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