wicked fairy

מי אני
I am the Key that unlocks every Door.
I am the Glory of Discovery,
for I am that which is hidden, secluded and forbidden.

Come to me at the Dark Moon
and see that which can not be seen,
face the terror that is yours alone.
Swim to me through the blackest oceans
to the center of your greatest fears

אני בחור,זכר,גבר,בעל ביצים וזין מרשים למדי....
סטרייטים יקרים שמחפשים שולטת/סאבית-לא.פשוט לא...
השקפות על עולם השליטה
There is no light, nor any motion.There is no mass, nor any sound.Still, in the lampless heart of ocean,Fasten me down and hold me drowned Within thy womb, within thy thought,Where there is naught-Where there is naught!
אדון בהם עם הפרטנרים שלי.
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17 בינואר 2011
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16 בינואר 2011
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